CFD stands for Contract for Difference. This is an agreement between two parties, a buyer and a seller, whereby the seller has to pay the buyer the difference in the value of an asset at present time and the value at contract time. CFD's are becoming more and more popular among traders because they carry a number of advantages.

InvestPro Market’s trading platforms give clients access to trade a wide range of Futures CFD's on equity indices, agricultural commodities, base metals, and oil and energy products. Clients can take advantage of the widest range of trading instruments and diversify their portfolios either by trading on an equity index or any other futures instruments.

Advantages of CFD's on Commodity Futures

  • The same conditions apply to taking long and short positions. If you wish to go short, the same selling rules and margin requirements apply to the ones for going long.
  • It is far less costly to trade CFD's on Commodity Futures than to take part in the underlying exchange because margin requirements for CFD's are significantly lower.
  • Leverage when trading CFD's is even higher than it is with forex trading. Margin requirements can be as low as 2% which means that you can trade bigger volumes, no matter what kind of trader you are.
  • Trading CFD's immediately gives you considerable exposure to equity indices.
  • Instant execution guarantees that your transaction will be fast and effective.
  • The fact that CFD's offer you the ability to take both short and long positions puts you at an advantage because a falling market still provides opportunities to profit.

Trading Hours

  • The trading hours for CFD's for Commodity Futures reflect the exact trading hours of the original exchange that futures contracts are traded on.

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