WomaFx contests and campaigns

WomaFx contests and campaigns

This webpage contains a rundown of the current and closed contests and competitions available for both live and demo accounts with WomaFX. To view the contest’s details, visit the corresponding page where you can find the contest’s terms and conditions, list of the participants and get an access to the registration.

Heading to Anfield

If you are a fan of both binary options and football, this contest is right for you. Specifically for this contest WomaFX developed a new trading instrument, LFC index. Do you follow the legendary British football club? If so, you can monitor and analyze the news on contest webpage, forecast the scores and enjoy a well-deserved success. Besides, technical analysis professionals can show their expertise in intraday options.

Great Race 2015

You are a newbie but ready to give yourself a try and roll the dice – take part in the InstaForex Great Race 2015 contest held among demo accounts. The tournament consists of 4 monthly steps and a final. The total prize pool is $55,000. Register right now for the next contest step.

Trade Wise, Win Device

InstaForex clients are able to win an iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, and Samsung Galaxy Tab in the course of the Trade Wise, Win Device contest. Replenish your trading account with $500 and scramble for one of 12 devices. The owner of every device is randomly determined by transparent and impartial procedure.p>

WomaFX Sniper

Are you a newcomer on Forex and own a demo account with WomaFX? Then WomaFX Sniper is what you need! There are no restrictions to participation. The weekly prize is $1,500. The annual prize pool totals $75,000.

Lucky Trader

Every holder of a demo account with InstaForex can enter the Lucky Trader contest. Every fortnight $3,000 are raffled off. The annual prize pool is $75,000. Get enrolled in the next step during the current contest.

Real Scalping WomaFx

Do not hesitate to participate in the Real Scalping WomaFX contest held among WomaFX demo accounts. The monthly prize pool is $6,000. The total prize money is $72,000. The monthly contest starts at 00:00 terminal time on the first Monday of every month and ends at 23:59:59 every last Friday of the month.

One Million Option

The One Million Option is a weekly contest in which every owner of a demo account with WomaFx can take part. Option is the main trading instrument of this contest. The weekly prize pool tally is $1,500. There are no restrictions for WomaFx customers on taking part in the contest.

Chancy Deposit 2014

WomaFX raffles off $1,000 weekly under the Chancy Deposit contest. If you want to partake, replenish your trading account with no less than $3,000. The winner of $1,000 is determined randomly every week via the individual number. Thus, you just do your routine trading and get a chance to be among the luckiest ones to get $1,000 at the end of the week without any restrictions to withdrawal.

Beauty contest Miss WomaFx Asia 2015

WomaFX has launched an unraveled project! The charming ladies are welcome to register for the Miss Insta Asia beauty contest! The numerous contestants from all over the world are competing for the Beauty Queen title! The contest lasts for 1 year. The total prize fund is $45,000.

FX-1 Rally by InstaForex

If you have a demo account with WomaFX, you are free to partake in FX-1 Rally by WomaFX. Weekly prize fund totals $1,500. There are no restrictions on participation in this contest.

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